Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Lazar | Lazarica Home Page
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Serbian Orthodox

Church of the

Holy Prince Lazar

Memorial Church of Exiled Serbs in Great Britain

Welcome to the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Lazar known locally as Lazarica (pronounced La-zaar-ee-tsa). Lazarica is the first purpose built Serbian Orthodox church in the UK and is considered to be a hidden gem in the city of Birmingham. The church is known for it’s richly decorated hand painted frescos depicting various scenes from the Bible. Situated in the distinctive leafy suburb of Bournville, Lazarica continues to be the focal point of a thriving Serbian community who welcomes everyone to join them whether it be for Christian worship or coffee and cake. The church regularly holds special events that feature their choir and the youth dancing group who perform a series of traditional dances dressed in national costume.


Sunday Service – 10am


Sunday School (In St Lazar’s Hall) – 10.30am