Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Lazar

Important announcement

Our church remains closed to the public. We will continue to deliver services via live broadcasting on our Facebook page. If you require the Holy Communion or have any questions, contact Father Nenad.

If you see people entering or leaving the church, we want to reassure you with the following.

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Memorial church of exiled Serbs in Birmingham, UK

Welcome to the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Lazar known locally as Lazarica. Lazarica is the first purpose built Serbian Orthodox church in the UK and has been described as a hidden gem in the city of Birmingham.

The church is known for its richly decorated frescos and holy icons such as Trojeručica. Situated in the iconic model village of Bournville, Lazarica continues to be the focal point of a thriving community that includes people from a wide variety of countries and origins. Everyone is welcome.