A key characteristic of Christian Orthodox choral music is its antiphonal nature. That is when the choir is responding with sung phrases that answer the priest during prayer.

Lazarica has two choirs.

The first consists of three or four singers who regularly sing on Sundays and other Holy days. This number is slowly growing, and anyone who would like to join can contact Fr Nenad or Svetlana Watkins. They would have to attend practices regularly, be prepared to practice on their own from materials supplied, written or recorded, turn up to the beginning of the church services (usually 10 am) and always follow Fr Nenad’s guidance.

The second choir only sings a few times per year during special services such as Christmas and Easter. The yearly performances may also include events such as choral evenings or festivals. You can apply to join this choir by emailing the musical director Damjen Racić

Although we encourage open applications for this choir, we do take into account your current ability to sing, hold notes and have a basic understanding of reading music notation. However, if you need further support to develop your singing skills, we will still provide you with music and recordings of your parts so you can rehearse privately and develop your confidence until you are ready to perform with the choir.