Our church was honoured to receive an official facsimile of Trojeručica. It is the most important icon of the Serbian Orthodox Church residing in the monastery of Hilandar on Mount Athos, Greece. Trojeručica has been linked to miraculous events.

According to tradition, the original icon contains a silver replica of the hand of Saint John of Damascus. His hand was cut off after being falsely accused of treachery. After praying in front of an icon of the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus, his hand miraculously restored. He attached a replica of his hand to give thanks and so the icon became known as Trojeručica (Three-handed).

An official, authentic facsimile has been produced and stamped by the monastery of Hilander for Lazarica. The icon is dedicated to MaJa and commemorates all children who have lost their lives from war, disease, natural causes, miscarriages and abortion.

The icon is dedicated to all families who have experienced child bereavement. This occasion marks the first time an icon produced by the monastery of Hilandar comes to the UK.